PCM manages investment portfolios, provides research and is a trusted investment advisor within a variety of contexts.

We work with private individuals, financial advisors, companies and professional investment managers in order to help them achieve better investment results within a dynamically evolving world.

⇒Our Investment Portfolio Solutions:

  • SUPERANNUATION FRIENDLY: PCM manages several portfolios well suited for Australian Investors either within their Superannuation Funds – SMSF or retail – or outside of Super. (We can also tailor a customised portfolio solution to your circumstances and objectives).
  • ABSOLUTE RETURNS: The PCM Portfolios are generally designed for those seeking to preserve capital and generate compelling returns, potentially irrespective of the ups and downs the economy (or the share market) might experience.
  • TRANSPARENT & SIMPLE: Our portfolios are totally transparent (using SMA structures) and the returns we generate do not utilise derivatives, leverage or illiquid investments.
  • DIRECT SECURITIES: PCM does not touch client funds, there is no need to, client funds are safeguarded by an independent platform with a responsible entity (ASIC regulated & licensed). In this way,  your investments are held transparently in your name by an independent Custodian (that is also regulated & licensed by ASIC).

To find out more about our Portfolios (including their performance to date), please Click Here

⇒PCM Research & Consulting:

PCM Research is designed to complement the more traditional institutional research view that Advisors and Investment Managers receive.

PCM provides “outside of the box” macro and security specific research capability (with a contrarian bias) that helps to ensure clients are not ‘blinded’ by conventional group-think.

We produce a large quantity of incisive ‘in-house’ research that is only available to clients, however, more general examples of the way we approach analysis can be found here.

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